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The Andreew Investment Group AG is a consortium operating throughout Europe consisting of 9 enterprises and more than 1,000 employees.

Andreew Investment Group AD is a holding company and some of its affiliates were founded back in 1989. The companies’ line of business is focused on distribution, logistics, operational leasing, hotel accommodation and real estate portfolio management.


November 2020

10 years of Pfando

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Pfando celebrates its 10th anniversary on 2 November 2020. With 25 branches and 80 employees, Pfando is the leading German company in the sale and rent-back sector. For 10 years, dozens of people a day and now more than 30,000 satisfied customers across Germany have put their trust in Pfando. We would like to thank our customers and especially our team for their trust and long-standing loyalty. After all, it is our employees who are responsible for the success and development of the past years. Without them, Pfando would not be the company it is today. Due to the current situation, there were no big celebrations, and thanks for their dedication were expressed personally within the scope of the possibilities. The offices were decorated with balloons and flowers, and small gifts were handed out as a token of appreciation.

Pfando announces new brand ambassador
To mark its 10th anniversary, Pfando is announcing its new brand ambassador: the record-winning international footballer Lothar Matthäus. Pfando wishes the honorary captain a warm welcome to its team and looks forward to working together with him. The unparalleled career of the 1990 world champion represents the values of the financial services provider: loyalty, team spirit and motivation.

About Lothar Matthäus
Lothar Matthäus comes from Herzogenaurach, Germany, and has been playing football since his early childhood. As a midfielder, Matthäus won all of the possible titles that can be won in the course of a footballing career: He won the German Championship and the UEFA Cup several times, as well as achieving DFB Cup victories and the World Cup and European Championship titles with the German national football team. Matthäus was named World Player of the Year in 1991 and German Footballer of the Year in 1999. After his active career, Matthäus coached various foreign league teams up until 2011 and now works as a TV expert on Sky.

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