The Andreew Investment Group AG does not only keep subsidiaries, but is also responsible for their executive administration. Among the managing tasks are the determination of strategic business segments, strategic governance, controlling, filling of manager positions, provision of liquidity and the cash management within the group. The Holding also monitors key performances like investments, taxes and rights.

Our Strong Points

As a consequence of our longstanding experience in the most diverse business segments, the Andreew Investment Group AG has consistently succeeded to establish itself positively in new business fields as well as with the introduction of new products. The close cooperation of the Holding with the managers of its subsidiaries enables fast and competent decisions anytime – without interfering with day-to-day operations. 


Résumé of Vincent Andreew

Chairman of the Management Board / CEO

Vincent Andreew started his career in 2005 and successfully founded distribution, dialogue marketing, e-payments and financial services companies.

Following his appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vincent Andreew contributed to the existing structures his innovative business ideas. Expansion was complemented via the integration of an operational leasing company as well as a real estate portfolio management company.

The major emphases of his work are the control and sustainable constant development of all holding affiliates.

Companies of Andreew Investment Group AG

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