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The Andreew Investment Group AG is a consortium operating throughout Europe consisting of 9 enterprises and more than 1,000 employees.

Andreew Investment Group AD is a holding company and some of its affiliates were founded back in 1989. The companies’ line of business is focused on distribution, logistics, operational leasing, hotel accommodation and real estate portfolio management.


May 2020

Despite the current economic uncertainty as we face times of quarantine restrictions and challenging business environment, Andreew Investment Group (AIG) has kept its tradition to continue with the charity work for non-profit organisations in Bulgaria and Germany.
This year our focus is on charity projects for socially disadvantaged children. The financial support provided by AIG ensures that these non-profit institutions continue their charity work.

This year we have donated more than 100 000 Euros in total to four organisations, which deal with socially disadvantaged children.

Die Arche
Stiftung KinderHertz

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The main focus of these projects is on children and their needs. Sometimes the needs may be basic things like having a roof over one’s head and warm meals. Sometimes the children lack basic social skills. As they come from socially disadvantaged families, they often tend to be outsiders unable to integrate into normal social environment. Therefore, the educators and trainers work on building skills and values, which will ensure their further fit into the society. The whole process of support is set in such a way that children experience love, security, stability, acceptance and synergy.

The respective organizations which received our donations are:

The SchutzengelWerk charitable organization in Germany works with children, who lack proper nutrition, education, social and cultural skills. The foundation supports difficult children, who need specialized help. Our donation ensured the first vacation trip ever for such children. It is for first time in their lives that they would enjoy an excursion.

Die Arche organisation in Germany works on different projects to support children and young people. The focus is on children’s free time. This includes educational support in preparation homeworks and lessons for school, as well as meaningful leisure activities. The foundation also provides free meals. Although the German society generally lives in welfare, there are still children, who do not have access to regular meals at home. Our donation will provide warm meals for these children in Berlin during the whole year.

Our charity project for the KinderHerz foundation in Germany ensures support for children with cardiovascular problems, as well as further development of scientific research in this area.

We also took part in the social projects of Concordia, Bulgaria with a donation of 22 000 BGN. Concordia is a non-profit charitable organisation which helps children who live in extreme poverty with lack of housing, clothing and food. Thanks to Concordia these children have the opportunity to grow in a family-like environment. They can live in safe and stable surroundings and have access to psychological support, education and social training. AIG has provided the financial support for warm meals, clothing and education for the whole year.

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