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The Andreew Investment Group AG is a consortium operating throughout Europe consisting of 9 enterprises and more than 1,000 employees.

Andreew Investment Group AD is a holding company and some of its affiliates were founded back in 1989. The companies’ line of business is focused on distribution, logistics, operational leasing, hotel accommodation and real estate portfolio management.


In 2021, Transcapital EOOD successfully completed the construction of several new buildings for logistics services with a total area of 23,793 ㎡. We built a total of three new logistics halls: warehouse 5 with an area of 7,734 ㎡, warehouse 6 with an area of 9,185 ㎡ and warehouse 7 with an area of 6,448 ㎡. In order to increase the quality of the logistics centre and improve the working conditions, an additional restaurant was built for the employees, situated on 462 ㎡. Ongoing is also the implementation of construction projects with a building permit for a total of 30,900 ㎡.


Companies of Andreew Investment Group AG

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