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The Andreew Investment Group AG is a consortium operating throughout Europe consisting of 9 enterprises and more than 1,000 employees.

Andreew Investment Group AD is a holding company and some of its affiliates were founded back in 1989. The companies’ line of business is focused on distribution, logistics, operational leasing, hotel accommodation and real estate portfolio management.


December 2017

For another consecutive year, ProImmobilia has achieved successful business results.

Through multiple real estate deals, in 2017 the company has achieved sales and purchases of assets reaching the value of about EUR 100 million.
Despite the tense Berlin real estate market situation, the company has managed to develop and establish its position on the market for the new business year of 2018.
According to Mr. Vincent Andreew, the real estate portfolio in 2018 will continue to develop and expand.


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November 2016—January 2017

New offices of Andreew Investment Group AD and its subsidiaries
Fortuna KOM OOD, Transkapital EOOD and LION Hotels

Modern, with open spaces and European design ― these are the words that can describe the renovated offices of Andreew Investment Group AD which were opened in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The offices of the subsidiaries Fortuna, Transcapital and Lion hotels opened doors at the end of November 2016, followed by the headquarters of Andreew Investment Group which started functioning at the beginning of January 2017.

One of the leading Bulgarian architecture and design companies got an insight into the philosophy of Andreew Investment Group AD and put it professionally into practice. The modern look of the offices makes them compete with design concepts on an international level, achieving perfect harmony between style and functionality. Apart from the well-lit work spaces special attention has been paid to recreation and communication areas because it is important to make employees feel comfortable in the new offices. The green cozy areas create comfort zones, and the transparent open spaces optimize the exchange of information at its fullest extent.

Renovation and modernization is an investment which expresses best the company’s policy part of which are also the following goals:
- Enhance innovation and work motivation
- Facilitate and improve team work
- Increase work efficiency and produce higher results
- Unity and transparency



17th August 2016

At the General Meeting of the Shareholders of Andreew Investment Group AD, held on 12.08.2016 the amendments were made to the Board of Directors of the Company.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Nikolai Dimitrov as new member of the Board of Directors of Andreew Investment Group.

According to Mr. Vincent Andreew, CEO of Andreew Investment Group, Mr. Dimitrov is the best person for this position with his six-year managerial experience in the holding group. His primary role as a member of the Board of Directors is to support the CEO Vincent Andreew in the management and control of any activities of its subsidiaries.


1st January 2016

Andreew Real Estate Holding

Since its establishment end of 2014, Andreew Real Estate Holding has acquired about 20,000 square meters of residential and commercial properties in the city-centre of Berlin.


7th March 2014

Fortuna Kom GmbH

Fortuna Kom LTD has obtained the exclusive rights for the distribution of Zewa in January 2014.

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